Charles Tingwell

Acteur né le 03 janvier 1923 (décédé à 86 ans)


Charles William "Bud" Tingwell, AM was an Australian film, television, theatre and radio actor. Tingwell was one of the veterans of Australian film. He acted in his first motion picture in 1946 and appeared in over 100 films and numerous television programs in both the United Kingdom and Australia.



de Ann Turner

Film Irresistible

Three Blind Mice

de Matthew Newton

Film Three Blind Mice

Ned Kelly

de Gregor Jordan

Film Ned Kelly


de Rob Sitch

Film L'Antenne

The Craic

de Ted Emery

Film The Craic

The Castle

de Rob Sitch

Film The Castle


de Vincent Monton

Film Windrider

Héros ou salopards

de Bruce Beresford

Film Héros ou salopards

The Journalist

de Michael Thornhill

Film The Journalist

L'attaque du fourgon blindé

de Bruce Beresford

Film L'attaque du fourgon blindé

Gone to Ground

de Kevin James Dobson

Film Gone to Ground


de Ken Hannam

Film Summerfield

Eliza Fraser

de Tim Burstall

Film Eliza Fraser

End Play

de Tim Burstall

Film End Play


de Tim Burstall

Film Petersen

Thunderbirds et l'odyssée du cosmos...

de David Lane

Film Thunderbirds et l'odyssée du cosmos

Lady détective entre en scène

de George Pollock

Film Lady détective entre en scène

Passage à tabac

de George Pollock

Film Passage à tabac

Beware of the Dog

de Philip Ford

Film Beware of the Dog

Le Train de 16h50

de George Pollock

Film Le Train de 16h50

Tarzan le magnifique

de Robert Day

Film Tarzan le magnifique

Cone of Silence

de Charles Frend

Film Cone of Silence


de Robert Day

Film Bobbikins


de Anthony Kimmins

Film Smiley

Captain Thunderbolt

de Cecil Holmes

Film Captain Thunderbolt

Les Rats du désert

de Robert Wise

Film Les Rats du désert

The Glenrowan Affair

de Rupert Kathner

Film The Glenrowan Affair

Bitter Springs

de Ralph Smart

Film Bitter Springs

Into the Straight

de T.O. McCreadie

Film Into the Straight