Charles D. Brown

Acteur né le 01 juillet 1887 (décédé à 61 ans)


Charles D. Brown was an American stage and film actor.
Born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Brown wrote and directed a single short film in 1914. As an actor, he appeared in more than 100 films, stretching from 1921 through his death in 1948. His parallel career on the Broadway stage spanned 1911 through 1937.
His film appearances include:
⁕The Way of a Maid
⁕The Dance of Life
⁕Gold Diggers of 1937
⁕Barefoot Boy
⁕Island in the Sky
⁕The Ice Follies of 1939
⁕The Grapes of Wrath
⁕He Married His Wife
⁕The Old Swimmin' Hole
⁕International Lady
⁕The Big Sleep
⁕Follow Me Quietly


L'assassin sans visage

de Richard Fleischer

Film L'assassin sans visage

Les Enchaînés

de Alfred Hitchcock

Film Les Enchaînés

Les raisins de la colère

de John Ford

Film Les raisins de la colère

The Senator Was Indiscreet

de George S. Kaufman

Film The Senator Was Indiscreet

Merton of the Movies

de Robert Alton

Film Merton of the Movies


de Anthony Mann

Film Railroaded!

Undercover Maisie

de Harry Beaumont

Film Undercover Maisie

Smash-Up: Story of a Woman

de Stuart Heisler

Film Smash-Up: Story of a Woman

Wake Up and Dream

de Lloyd Bacon

Film Wake Up and Dream

Le Grand Sommeil

de Howard Hawks

Film Le Grand Sommeil

The Last Crooked Mile

de Philip Ford

Film The Last Crooked Mile

In Fast Company

de Del Lord

Film In Fast Company

The Man Who Dared

de John Sturges

Film The Man Who Dared

The Hoodlum Saint

de Norman Taurog

Film The Hoodlum Saint

Just Before Dawn

de William Castle

Film Just Before Dawn

Sunbonnet Sue

de Ralph Murphy

Film Sunbonnet Sue

Apology for Murder

de Sam Newfield

Film Apology for Murder

Eve Knew Her Apples

de Will Jason

Film Eve Knew Her Apples

Having Wonderful Crime

de A. Edward Sutherland

Film Having Wonderful Crime

The Racket Man

de D. Ross Lederman

Film The Racket Man


de William Berke

Film Minesweeper

La Fille et son cow-boy

de William A. Seiter

Film La Fille et son cow-boy

Sweater Girl

de William Clemens

Film Sweater Girl

Fingers at the Window

de Charles Lederer

Film Fingers at the Window

The Devil Pays Off

de John H. Auer

Film The Devil Pays Off

Tall, Dark and Handsome

de H. Bruce Humberstone

Film Tall, Dark and Handsome

The Old Swimmin' Hole

de Robert F. McGowan

Film The Old Swimmin' Hole

The Leather Pushers

de John Rawlins

Film The Leather Pushers

Brother Orchid

de Lloyd Bacon

Film Brother Orchid


de Edwin L. Marin

Film Florian

Je profite de cette femme

de W.S. Van Dyke

Film Je profite de cette femme

Wolf of New York

de William C. McGann

Film Wolf of New York

Charlie Chan in Reno

de Norman Foster

Film Charlie Chan in Reno

Tell No Tales

de Leslie Fenton

Film Tell No Tales

Mr. Moto in Danger Island

de Herbert I. Leeds

Film Mr. Moto in Danger Island

La féerie de la glace

de Reinhold Schünzel

Film La féerie de la glace

Inside Story

de Ricardo Cortez

Film Inside Story


de Harold D. Schuster

Film Exposed

The Crowd Roars

de Richard Thorpe

Film The Crowd Roars

Barefoot Boy

de Karl Brown

Film Barefoot Boy

L'ange impur

de H. C. Potter

Film L'ange impur


de John Cromwell

Film Casbah

Les chercheuses d'or 1937

de Lloyd Bacon

Film Les chercheuses d'or 1937

The False Madonna

de Stuart Walker

Film The False Madonna

The Dance of Life

de John Cromwell

Film The Dance of Life