Brea Grant

Actrice de 38 ans (16 octobre 1981)


Brea Colleen Grant is an American actress and writer who is best known for playing Daphne Millbrook in the NBC television series Heroes. She was born in Marshall, Texas, and holds a Master's degree in American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin.
Her acting career includes credits in an episode of Cold Case, three episodes of Friday Night Lights, as "Junkie Girl" in Max Payne, and as "Rasha" in SciFi's Battle Planet. She has also starred in several independent films, including Homecoming, where she played an army medic home on leave. She is currently directing and starring in a post-apocalyptic feature called Best Friends Forever with Vera Miao.
She has also seen success in the world of comics. She created a comic book miniseries called We Will Bury You with her brother Zane Grant and artist Kyle Strahm. She continued her comic writing with the SuicideGirls comic miniseries, based on the pin-up Web site of the same name.


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