Bill Tung

Acteur né le 30 mars 1933 (décédé à 72 ans)


Bill Tung Biu was a Hong Kong actor and horse racing commentator. Tung started off as a horse jockey with his family racing horse stable. He was then recruited to become a horse racing commentator. Due to his fame, he was invited to act in many movies from 1949 to 1996, many of them with Jackie Chan during the 1980s and 1990s. Some of his famous roles includes playing Inspector Bill Wong in Police Story, and playing a wizard in Ghostly Vixen. His final movie before his retirement was playing 'Uncle' Bill Wong in Police Story 4: First Strike in 1996. Tung retired from horse racing commentating in 2000. Tung died in 2006 of lung failure.



de Stanley Tong

Film Contre-attaque

Jackie Chan dans le Bronx

de Stanley Tong

Film Jackie Chan dans le Bronx

Supercop 2

de Stanley Tong

Film Supercop 2

The Final Judgement

de Norman Chan Hok-Yan

Film The Final Judgement

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World Too

de Clifton Ko

Film It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World Too

Xi huan de gu shi

de Wu Ma

Film Xi huan de gu shi

Jiu ming xuan yan

de David Lam

Film Jiu ming xuan yan

Ghostly Vixen

de Wellson Chin

Film Ghostly Vixen

Big Brother

de Jackie Chan

Film Big Brother

Police Story 2

de Jackie Chan

Film Police Story 2

Top squad (1988)

de Wellson Chin

Film Top squad (1988)

Tong tian pai dang

de Hsu Hsia

Film Tong tian pai dang

Bless This House

de Ronny Yu

Film Bless This House

Action force 10

de Jackie Chan

Film Action force 10

Magic Story

de Lau Bing-Gei

Film Magic Story

The Innocent Interloper

de Johnny Wang Lung-Wei

Film The Innocent Interloper

Si yan zai

de Ronny Yu

Film Si yan zai

Police Story

de Jackie Chan

Film Police Story

I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad!

de Hsu Hsia

Film I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad!

Duo qing zhong

de Yueming Shen

Film Duo qing zhong

Security Unlimited

de Michael Hui

Film Security Unlimited