Ben Taggart



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One Mysterious Night

de Budd Boetticher

Film One Mysterious Night

Cowboy Canteen

de Lew Landers

Film Cowboy Canteen

Overland Mail

de Ford Beebe

Film Overland Mail

Alias Boston Blackie

de Lew Landers

Film Alias Boston Blackie

Don Winslow of the Navy

de Ford Beebe

Film Don Winslow of the Navy

The Miracle Kid

de William Beaudine

Film The Miracle Kid

Three Girls About Town

de Leigh Jason

Film Three Girls About Town

Man Made Monster

de George Waggner

Film Man Made Monster

The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance

de Sidney Salkow

Film The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance

The Wildcat of Tucson

de Lambert Hillyer

Film The Wildcat of Tucson

Junior G-Men

de Ford Beebe

Film Junior G-Men

Mystery Sea Raider

de Edward Dmytryk

Film Mystery Sea Raider

Avant de me pendre

de Nick Grinde

Film Avant de me pendre

Babies For Sale

de Charles Barton

Film Babies For Sale

Mr. Smith au Sénat

de Frank Capra

Film Mr. Smith au Sénat


de John Brahm

Film Rio

The Housekeeper's Daughter

de Hal Roach

Film The Housekeeper's Daughter

Tell No Tales

de Leslie Fenton

Film Tell No Tales

Le Saint contre-attaque

de John Farrow

Film Le Saint contre-attaque

Fantômes en croisière

de Norman Z. McLeod

Film Fantômes en croisière

Hold That Kiss

de Edwin L. Marin

Film Hold That Kiss

Robin Hood of El Dorado

de William A. Wellman

Film Robin Hood of El Dorado

Men Without Names

de Ralph Murphy

Film Men Without Names

Stolen Harmony

de Alfred L. Werker

Film Stolen Harmony


de Walter Lang

Film Carnival

Among the Missing

de Albert S. Rogell

Film Among the Missing

From Headquarters

de William Dieterle

Film From Headquarters

Hold Your Man

de Sam Wood

Film Hold Your Man

The Mayor of Hell

de Archie Mayo

Film The Mayor of Hell

Fast Workers

de Tod Browning

Film Fast Workers


de Harry Beaumont

Film Faithless

Amateur Daddy

de John G. Blystone

Film Amateur Daddy

Strangers in Love

de Lothar Mendes

Film Strangers in Love