Barry Kelley

Acteur né le 19 août 1908 (décédé à 82 ans)


Barry Kelley was an actor on Broadway in the 1930s and '40s and in movies during the 1940s, '50s, and '60s. The heavy-set actor created the role of Ike in Oklahoma! on Broadway.
In films, he often portrayed cops or judges in films, including Boomerang, Knock on Any Door, Ma and Pa Kettle, and The Asphalt Jungle. The 6'4", 230-pound Chicago-born actor began acting on the stage in the 1930s. Kelley also appeared in dozens of television programs. As in the movies, he usually was in westerns or crime shows. Kelley had an uncredited role as a police chief in the 1964 Frank Sinatra musical Robin and the Seven Hoods.
He died at 82 years of age in Woodland Hills, California.


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