Bambi Allen

Actrice née le 02 mai 1938 (décédée à 34 ans)


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de Greydon Clark

Film Tom

Love Boccaccio Style

de Sam Phillips

Film Love Boccaccio Style

Outlaw Riders

de Tony Huston

Film Outlaw Riders

The Bang Bang Gang

de Van Guylder

Film The Bang Bang Gang

Angels Die Hard

de Richard Compton

Film Angels Die Hard

Hell's Bloody Devils

de Al Adamson

Film Hell's Bloody Devils

I Want More

de Jack Beap

Film I Want More

The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood

de Richard Kanter

Film The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood

Linda and Abilene

de Herschell Gordon Lewis

Film Linda and Abilene

Satan's Sadists

de Al Adamson

Film Satan's Sadists

Space Thing

de Byron Mabe

Film Space Thing

Day of the Nightmare

de John A. Bushelman

Film Day of the Nightmare