Arthur Hohl

Acteur né le 21 mai 1889 (décédé à 74 ans)


Arthur Hohl was a stage and motion-picture character actor. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and began appearing in films in the early 1920s. He played a great number of villainous or mildly larcenous roles, although his screen roles usually were small, but he also played a few sympathetic characters.
Hohl's two performances seen most often today are as Pete, the nasty boat engineer who tells the local sheriff about Julie and her husband's secret interracial marriage in the 1936 film version of "Show Boat", and as Mr. Montgomery, the man who helps Richard Arlen and Leila Hyams to make their final escape in Island of Lost Souls. He also played Brutus opposite Warren William's Julius Caesar in Cecil B. DeMille's version of Cleopatra, starring Claudette Colbert.
Among his other notable roles were as Olivier, King Louis XI's right-hand man, in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as the real estate agent in Charlie Chaplin's Monsieur Verdoux, and as Journet, a bereaved innkeeper who seeks to avenge his daughter's murder in the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes film The Scarlet Claw. Hohl also played a Christian named Titus in Cecil B. DeMille's religious epic The Sign of the Cross.



de William Dieterle

Film Quasimodo

C'est arrivé dans la Cinquième Aven...

de Roy Del Ruth

Film C'est arrivé dans la Cinquième Avenue

The Frozen Ghost

de Harold Young

Film The Frozen Ghost

Salome, Where She Danced

de Charles Lamont

Film Salome, Where She Danced

The Mystery of the Riverboat

Film The Mystery of the Riverboat

Sherlock Holmes et la griffe sangla...

de Roy William Neill

Film Sherlock Holmes et la griffe sanglante

Sherlock Holmes et la femme à l'ara...

de Victor Fleming

Film Sherlock Holmes et la femme à l'araignée

The Woman of the Town

de George Archainbaud

Film The Woman of the Town


de Joseph Kane

Film Idaho

Whispering Ghosts

de Alfred L. Werker

Film Whispering Ghosts

We Go Fast

de William C. McGann

Film We Go Fast

Ride on Vaquero

de Herbert I. Leeds

Film Ride on Vaquero

Des Hommes vivront

de Norman Taurog

Film Des Hommes vivront

Blondie Has Servant Trouble

de Frank R. Strayer

Film Blondie Has Servant Trouble

Vingt-mule équipé

de Richard Thorpe

Film Vingt-mule équipé

Two Thoroughbreds

de Jack Hively

Film Two Thoroughbreds


de H. C. Potter

Film Blackmail

Sherlock Holmes

de Alfred L. Werker

Film Sherlock Holmes

They Shall Have Music

de Archie Mayo

Film They Shall Have Music

You Can't Cheat an Honest Man

de George Marshall

Film You Can't Cheat an Honest Man

Boy Slaves

de P.J. Wolfson

Film Boy Slaves


de Alfred L. Werker

Film Kidnapped

The Bad Man of Brimstone

de J. Walter Ruben

Film The Bad Man of Brimstone

Trapped by G-Men

de Lewis D. Collins

Film Trapped by G-Men

Slave Ship

de Tay Garnett

Film Slave Ship

Lloyd's of London

de Henry King

Film Lloyd's of London

Show Boat

de James Whale

Film Show Boat

It Had to Happen

de Roy Del Ruth

Film It Had to Happen

We're Only Human

de James Flood

Film We're Only Human

Village Tale

de John Cromwell

Film Village Tale

Eight Bells

de Roy William Neill

Film Eight Bells

Lady by Choice

de David Burton

Film Lady by Choice

Among the Missing

de Albert S. Rogell

Film Among the Missing

The Defense Rests

de Lambert Hillyer

Film The Defense Rests

A Modern Hero

de Georg Wilhelm Pabst

Film A Modern Hero

Jimmy the Gent

de Michael Curtiz

Film Jimmy the Gent

As the Earth Turns

de Alfred E. Green

Film As the Earth Turns


de Cecil B. DeMille

Film Cléopâtre

The World Changes

de Mervyn LeRoy

Film The World Changes

Ceux de la zone

de Frank Borzage

Film Ceux de la zone

College Coach

de William A. Wellman

Film College Coach

The Kennel Murder Case

de Michael Curtiz

Film The Kennel Murder Case

Brief Moment

de David Burton

Film Brief Moment

The Narrow Corner

de Alfred E. Green

Film The Narrow Corner


de Alfred E. Green

Film Liliane

Private Detective 62

de Michael Curtiz

Film Private Detective 62

The Life of Jimmy Dolan

de Archie Mayo

Film The Life of Jimmy Dolan

The Silk Express

de Ray Enright

Film The Silk Express

Infernal Machine

de Marcel Varnel

Film Infernal Machine


de Lloyd Bacon

Film Prologues

L'Île du docteur Moreau

de Erle C. Kenton

Film L'Île du docteur Moreau

Le Signe de la croix

de Cecil B. DeMille

Film Le Signe de la croix

The Night of June 13

Film The Night of June 13

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