Aileen Pringle



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de Otto Preminger

Film Laura

Happy Land

de Irving Pichel

Film Happy Land

Appointment for Love

de William A. Seiter

Film Appointment for Love

Calling Dr. Kildare

de Harold S. Bucquet

Film Calling Dr. Kildare

The Hardys Ride High

de George B. Seitz

Film The Hardys Ride High

Too Hot to Handle

de Jack Conway

Film Too Hot to Handle

She's No Lady

de Charles Vidor

Film She's No Lady

Wanted: Jane Turner

de Edward Killy

Film Wanted: Jane Turner

Piccadilly Jim

de Robert Z. Leonard

Film Piccadilly Jim

The Unguarded Hour

de Sam Wood

Film The Unguarded Hour

Vanessa: Her Love Story

de William K. Howard

Film Vanessa: Her Love Story

Sons of Steel

de Charles Lamont

Film Sons of Steel

Jane Eyre

de Christy Cabanne

Film Jane Eyre

By Appointment Only

de Frank R. Strayer

Film By Appointment Only

The Phantom of Crestwood

de J. Walter Ruben

Film The Phantom of Crestwood

The Age of Consent

de Gregory La Cava

Film The Age of Consent

Soldiers and Women

de Edward Sloman

Film Soldiers and Women

Dream of Love

de Fred Niblo

Film Dream of Love

Tin Gods

de Allan Dwan

Film Tin Gods

The Great Deception

de Howard Higgin

Film The Great Deception

La Sorcière

de Tod Browning

Film La Sorcière

A Thief in Paradise

de George Fitzmaurice

Film A Thief in Paradise

A Kiss in the Dark

de Frank Tuttle

Film A Kiss in the Dark

True As Steel

de Rupert Hughes

Film True As Steel

Three Weeks

de Alan Crosland

Film Three Weeks

Name the Man

de Victor Sjöström

Film Name the Man

Souls for Sale

de Rupert Hughes

Film Souls for Sale

The Christian

de Maurice Tourneur

Film The Christian


de T. Hayes Hunter

Film Earthbound