Men with Wings

1938 - Drame (1h45) de William A. Wellman

Avec Fred MacMurrayRay MillandLouise CampbellAndy DevineLynne OvermanPorter HallWalter AbelKitty KellyVirginia WeidlerDonald O'Connor, Billy Cook, James BurkeWillard RobertsonDennis MorganEvelyn KeyesJoan LeslieFrank ClarkeAnita Randalla Berkely, Billy Bletcher, Mary BrodelJames P. BurtisDolores CaseyGeorge Chandler, Jack Chapin, Ethel ClaytonSheila DarcyJane DeweyLillian Dickson, Claire Du Brey, Eddie Dunn, Edward Earle, Jean FenwickNorah GaleGrace Goodall, Jonathan Hale, Sherry Hall, Chuck Hamilton, Dell Henderson, Russell HicksAl HillJohn HubbardPaul KrugerPaul MantzRalph McCulloughKitty McHughLucille Miller, Frank Mills, Willy MorrisJohn T. Murray, David Newell, Garry OwenFranklin ParkerBob Perry, Lee Phelps, Juanita Quigley, Ruth RogersRonald R. RondellArt Rowlands, Syd Saylor, Jerome StormDorothy TennantFrank TomickBobby Tracy, Charles Trowbridge, Archie Twitchell, Cheryl WalkerEthel West, Pat West, Dorothy White, Joe WhiteheadHarry Woods, Charles Williams

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Genre : Drame

Durée : 1h45

Sortie : 16 juillet 1938

Réalisé par : William A. Wellman

Nationalité : États-Unis

Reporter Nicholas Ranson is jubilant when, on 17 Dec 1903, in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Orville and Wilbur Wright take their first airplane flight. Back home in Underwood, Maryland, however, his uncle Hiram F. Jenkins, owner and editor of the local newspaper, refuses to print the story. Nicholas quits and continues to work on his own airplane, with the devoted help of his little daughter Peggy. Peggy is actually the first in her family to fly when her friends, Patrick Falconer and Scott Barnes, induce her to get inside a large kite they have made, and run with it in a field until she is airborne. The kite is caught in a tree, however, and Peggy gets a black eye. Later, Nicholas dies when his experimental airplane crashes, leaving his wife and children alone. By Peggy's adulthood, planes are capable of flying at an altitude of 11,000 feet, and speeds of nearly 100 m.p.h. Peggy continues her father's obsession with flight by helping Scott and Pat to build a plane.


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Men with Wings

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Men with Wings
Men with Wings