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    Videos de Regression


    133 avis
    1. Il y a 2 ans

      Tout ça pour sa. Début chiant. Après on est pris dans l'histoire sa s'active un peu avec l'enquête mais dénouement nul et sa retombe complètement. J'aurais pu éviter.

      4 J'aime
    2. Il y a 3 ans

      ça pourrait être pas mal!
      3 acteurs que j'aime: Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke et David Thewlis! Pour 2 d'entre eux, ce sont des retrouvailles après l'école Poudlard.
      Un réalisateur que j'attends au tournant depuis Les Autres, Abre los ojos et Agora.

      2 J'aime
    3. Il y a 10 mois

      Mon Dieu que ce film est chiant

    4. Il y a 1 an

      Chiant à mourir, pas terminé...

    5. Il y a 2 ans


    6. Il y a 2 ans

      Assez sympa, le suspens est bien présent et la fin surprenante.
      Je n'en dirai pas plus pour éviter de spolier le film.
      En tout cas, il vaut le coup d'être vu...

    7. Il y a 2 ans

      Les acteurs sont bons mais le scénario retombe à plat au bout de quelques minutes. A voir mais seulement à la télé

    8. Il y a 2 ans

      J'y suis allé pour Emma Watson aussi et les acteurs sont très bon mais attention c'est un film à suspense (moins intense que "les autres" du même réal) et pas un thriller psychologique. Le twist est tout bête, presque décevant et on se rend compte que le film et son intrigue n'avait pas bcp d'intérêt au final.... A par de se méfier des hystéries collectives... Pas la peine de voir ca au ciné à moins que vous ayez la carte.

    9. Il y a 2 ans

      Très bon film sans prétentions. On s'accroche à comprendre le vrai du faux, à savoir ce qu'il va se passer... Grand film, grands acteurs... Non en fait, j'y suis allé pour Emma Watson. Mais j'ai été surpris du scénario et de son final.

      En gros, vive Satan.

    10. Il y a 2 ans

      Vraiment trop nul j'ai rien compris

    11. Il y a 2 ans

      J'ai bien aimé ! Les acteurs sont au top ! Intriguant avec beaucoup de suspense ... Mais c'est vrai que la fin de l'histoire est un peu ratée !! Mais dans l'ensemble j'ai bien aimé !

    12. Il y a 2 ans

      For a long time, Alejandro Amenabar has been one of my favorite writer- directors for the twisted suspense thrillers. He was quite prolific at the turn of the century -- "Thesis" (1996), "Open Your Eyes" (1997) and his English-language debut "The Others" (2001). His biographical drama "The Sea Inside" won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2004.

      Since then though, his output had been sparse. That was why when I heard that he will be releasing a new film this year entitled "Regression," I made sure I went to watch it.

      Seventeen-year old Angela Gray accuses her father of sexually abusing her. Detective Bruce Kenner is assigned to her case. The father meekly admits to the crime, but does not actually recall doing it. Kenner seeks the help of Psychology professor Kenneth Raines to elicit his repressed memories, as well as those of the other members of the Gray family, via hypnotic regression. What is revealed from these sessions are diabolical confessions of such disturbing nature that Kenner himself could not get them out of his own mind.

      Ethan Hawke is such a good actor, really. From his feature debut in "Dead Poet's Society," then "Before Sunrise" (and its series), "Gattaca," "Sinister" to his Oscar-nominated performances in "Training Day" and "Boyhood," this guy can really portray the most ordinary characters and wind up making them very memorable. His intense take of the obsessed Bruce Kenner was riveting and infectious. His visions become our visions, his beliefs our beliefs. He had a flawless interactive rapport with Amenabar's camera, registering and conveying the anger, paranoia, confusion, and fear of his character so well on screen.

      Emma Watson returns on her trajectory to becoming a serious movie actress after being sidelined by unfortunate roles in "This is the End" and "Noah." The talent and the promise are there, but the connection with her role as the troubled Angela was not as convincing as that of Hawke's. Her best performances were still those for Hermione Granger. Her young adult performances in films like "Perks of Being a Wallflower" and "The Bling Ring" had a certain unnatural stiffness in them, as it was again here as well.

      Credible supporting performances were given by David Thewlis as the authoritative Prof. Raines and David Dencik as Angela's repentant father John. Going a bit over the top was Dale Dickey and her exaggeratedly demented performance as Angela's grandmother Rose. The strangest casting decision was that of Lothaire Bluteau as the priest Reverend Murray. He exuded such a creepy vibe, which of course may be the director's intention.

      While "Regression" was still not on the same level of excellence as "Open Your Eyes" or "The Others," Alejandro Amenabar returned to form with this comeback project of sorts. The script, though weak and flawed in certain aspects (like motive, for one important example), was still logical and grounded despite dealing with controversial religious and psychological matters. The storytelling engages you despite the dark unpleasant topics and relentlessly morbid atmosphere. I am looking forward to the next Amenabar opus. I hope it does not take so many years !

    13. Il y a 3 ans

      Pour le casting qui comprend Emma Watson tout en espérant une histoire bien développée et non cousu de fil blanc

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